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Bedrooms and Living Rooms

Our cleaning system ensures every surface area will be reached. Starting with the ceiling, we clean all cobwebs and dust buildup located throughout the corner walls, vents, and lighting fixtures. Working our way down to the floor moldings and baseboards, we wipe all light switches and wall marks along the way. Furniture, collectibles, and electronics get dusted with the option of applying furniture polish upon request. Bedsheets will also be changed upon request. We finish up the area by vacuuming all sofas, carpets, and floors. All floors are wiped down last with properly applicable care.


All bathrooms receive a deep scrub cleaning, we disinfect the toilets, baths, and sinks. Bath and shower floors will receive a thorough scrub in all corners to eliminate bacteria and mold. Faucets and countertops will be polished to shine. Floors and wall tile are cleaned and sanitized and give the bathroom a beautiful finished look and a refreshing aroma.


No corner gets left undone, our staff will clean all counter and table tops. Cabinets are wiped from any dust and debris buildup. All stainless steel appliances are polished and brought to a beautiful shine free of any stains and prints. Lastly, floors and mats are vacuumed throughout all corners and finally washed to a spotless look.

Go the extra mile by cleaning the hidden areas. For an additional fee, we will clean inside the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets for a total kitchen scrub.

"...everything looked beautiful"

"Margaret, Long Island"