Common Questions

How does it work?

We get it, we know you are very particular about your things. That’s why our team will walk you through the quick process to get you started. Once you get in touch with one of our team members, we’ll schedule a completely free consultation to meet, where you can tell us about everything you like (and even the things you would rather us not do). This allows us to create a cleaning designed totally just for you. From there, you can select a date that is best for you. That’s it. You’re done!

How do I schedule a cleaning?

Scheduling is very easy, click here or any link on the site. From there be sure to leave a quick message with your name, location, and a brief sentence describing what you are looking to get done. Our team will respond right away.

Does someone need to be there during the cleaning?

As long as our staff has a way to get into the place, you certainly do not have to be there for the cleaning. By now, we would have addressed any information necessary in the initial meeting, so you wouldn’t have to worry about specifics. However, if you would like to watch how things get done, feel free to join the party!

Are we insured?

Although we pride ourselves on being attentive, we understand that things can happen. That’s why our company is fully insured and bonded to resolve any potential accident. With us, you have every reason to feel protected and safe.

Am I required to provide cleaning supplies?

You are not required to provide any cleaning supplies. Our staff comes ready with everything necessary for the job. However, if you have a particular preference of furniture polishes or any other cleaners you favor yourself, just leave them out in sight, and our staff will be happy to use them.

What kind of payments are accepted?

Most forms of payments are acceptable. Cash, check, or credit. Credit payments will be charged at the completion of the cleaning, and we ask for all check payments to be made out to “Let Us Clean Inc.”